AURUM Goldsmith Workshop manufactures wedding bands, diamond rings, commemorative and solitaire jewelry.

Jewel as a message

Emotional bonds among people are our guiding principles. This is why wedding bands, engagement rings, and commemorative jewelry represent the most of our production.

Our jewelry is a discrete witness of important life events such as a wedding, an engagement, or an anniversary. It is also a precious gift to be given for non-traditional events such as the birth of a child, a sporting or career success, a coming of age, a graduation, a new job or a promotion, a special thanking, the first paycheck, or the celebration of an impenetrable bond.

Each Aurum jewelry tells its own story.

Using our engraving laser system, following the clients requests, we are able to offer high-quality products on all kinds of precious metals. We engrave logos, codes, designs, small quotes, names, and dates on the ring sides, inside, and outside.

We offer a wide selection of fonts for engravings. You will receive the highest  level of customization.