Goldsmith, tradition, Hi-Tech

At Aurum, the ancient goldsmith tradition goes along with the fast and always-changing scenarios that characterise our day. Our production works with high technology,  highly-qualified personnel. This has been a winning strategy since 2004, when we first introduced Numerical Controlled machines, allowing us to cope successfully with the challenges of the market and keep up with the times. Our products are entirely designed and produced in Italy. The alloys and semi-finished also come from an exclusive Italian production chain.

Diamonds and gemstones have legitimate sources, and are not involved in any kind of war fundings,  in accordance with UN resolutions.

The title is additionally certified (art. 19 D.Lgs. 251/1999), in order to guarantee the conformity of the products (logos and legal titles) according to the laws in place.


The Made in italy is certified by the T FASHION tracking system, guaranteeing the originality and the correct execution of the whole production system


Our production focuses on working with precious metals, in particular:

  • 9 – 14 – 18 kt Gold
  • Gold 750 with Palladium
  • Platinum 950
  • Palladium 950
  • Silver 925

The metal is transformed in  jewelry through sophisticated CAD/CAM softwares, high-tech numerical controlled machines, along with our experience and craftsmanship. Every product can be customized choosing from a wide selection of sizes, colors, shapes, custom engravings, diamonds and/or gemstones. Each design project is entirely made within our company, working under commission or working directly with the Client.

AURUM fusione Oro
AURUM alta tecnologia

Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

A wide selection and different options to choose from.

  • Sizes from 5 to 35
  • Width from mm 1,8 to mm 14
  • Thickness from mm 1,10 to mm 2,40
  • Gemstones to choose from, diamonds (white, black, brown), sapphires, emeralds
  • Gloss finishing, satin finishing, diamond finishing, “start powder” effect, tumbled, ice effect, dotted etc.
  • White, rose, one-color yellow, two colors, three colors.
AURUM Fedi Bicolore

Wedding Bands and Multi-color Rings

Our gold jewelry, in one or more colors, maintains its color throughout time thanks to the high-quality color alloy used in the production. When working with the white gold 750 we use the most precious alloy, palladium, a rare metal that comes from the platinum family.

All our products are comfort fit: extreme wearing comfort.