AURUM S.r.l. is based in Via del Lavoro n.32 • 36070 Trissino (VI) • Tel. 0445 490530 • Fax 0445 490244 • REA VI 192541 • P.IVA IT01899100240 –, AURUM S.r.l. is the Data Controller of all the personal data collected on this website in accordance with Regulation UE 679/2016 (GDPR).

The Privacy Policy is updated to August 13th, 2018

We hereby inform you on your rights and on how your personal data will be disclosed, in accordance with Art. 13 GDPR.

Dear Visitor, following the access to this site data of an identified or identifiable natural person may be collected.

In reference to the data processing, in accordance to Art. 13 of the general European data protection regulations (Reg. UE 2016/679),  the validity is not extended to other websites that the visitors may consult through our website links.

By continuing to browse and agreeing to our services throughout our website (signing up with our newsletter, filling out forms to request information…), you aknowledge this general information on data processing, as for the specific data processing information for different purposes, the user gives explicit consent to this specific processing.  It is noted that the consent is only valid if it is given from a person of age, or from a minor from the age of 14 years.


Aurum Srl – Via del Lavoro, 32 – 36070 Trissino (VI) – Tel. 0445 490530 – Fax 0445 490244 – REA VI 192541 – VAT  IT01899100240 –


Browsing data

Computer system and software procedures dedicated to this website collect personal data, the trasmission of which is implied in the use of Internet communication protocol, as part of their regular operations.

This information is not collected to be associated with individuals; however, through associations with third-parties data, it could by nature lead to users identification.

This category of data includes IP addresses, domain names of devices users utIlize to connect to this website, URI notation addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method the request was made to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the response status (successfully completed, error, ecc.) and other specifics regarding the operative system and computer environment of the user.

The data is only used to create anonymous statistics on the use of the website and to check its functioning, the data is delated immediately after processing.

Data voluntary supplied by users

An explicit, voluntary, and non-mandatory trasmission of emails to the addresses provided on this site implies the acquisition of the address itself, necessary to reply to the requests, the same applies for any additional personal data added in the message.

Specific information are listed under particular requests sections and are submitted to the user for approval (ex. Signing up for our newsletter).


Set apart what has already been mentioned for browsing data and technical cookies, the user is free to provide his/her personal data by using dedicated formats available on this site, to request our newsletter, background materials, or any other kind of communication; in wider terms, the purpose of each is stated under each specific note. Not agreeing to them may prevent the user to obtain what was requested.


Our Company, as the data controller, and any external third-parties as mentioned above, will process and file the personal data with automated and/or paper-based procedures. The data is collected while browsing the site and when requesting any of the various services offered, and it is only kept for the necessary period of time to achieve the purpose it has been collected for, or voluntary provided by the users for.

Specific security procedures are kept in place, in accordance to Art. 32 Regulation (UE) 2016/679, to prevent data leaking, wrongful usage, and non-authorized accesses.

The data is only managed by authorized personnel from the data controller. If necessary, the personal data connected to the newsletter can be processed by the company/consultant that looks after the site maintenance, company is named as responsible third-party for data processing in accordance to Art. 28 Regulation 679.

The collecting and processing of the data is expected.


The rights of the users who the personal data provided refers to are guaranteed in accordance to Art. 15, 16, 17, 18 Regulation 679 (confirm the existence of any such data, to learn the contents of any personal data relating thereto, check its correctness or request any supplement, updating, amendment, blocking and deleting thereof)

The user has the right to object the data processing for legitimate reasons.

Such request need to be forward to:

  • via e-mail to
  • via mail to: Aurum S.r.l. – Via del Lavoro, 32 – 36070 Trissino (VI) Italy


This Privacy Policy is updated to August 13th, 2018

Cookies: what are they and what are they used for

A “Cookie” is a small file that some site send to your computer or portable device once you access the site or its services. Their purpose is to receive and deliver information. They are sent from the web server (where the site is located) to the browser that the user is accessing with (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ecc.), they are then saved on the computer. utilizes cookies in order to ensure user-friendly and efficient services.Therefore, when accessing the site, a minimum amount of information is saved on the user device in the form of small text files called “cookies”, which are saved on the user browser web directory.

There are different kinds of cookies, but their main purpose is to ensure the site correct performance and to enable some of its components.

Cookies are used to improve the user overall browsing experience. In particular:


  • They allow the user to browse efficiently from one page to the other within the site.
  • They store the username and its preferences.
  • They allow the user to only provide some information once through its visit (ex.username and password).
  • They record how and when users request a service, in order to improve the browsing and the services themselves.

To know more about cookies, please go to

There are different kinds of cookies: listed hereby are the cookies that may be used on the site, along with the reasons why they are been used.


Technical cookies

This kind of cookie is necessary for the correct performance of some areas of the site. They can be both session cookies and persistent cookies. The site or some of its part may not perform correctly if the cookies are not in place; therefore, they are always used, no matter what the user preferences are. This category of cookie are always sent from our domain.

Analytical cookies

This kind of cookie collects information on how the site is used, the data is then utilized to build statistics, to improve the site, to create a more user-friendly site, and to ensure its correct performance. These cookies collect anonymous data on the users activities on the site, how they arrived on the site and the pages they visit. They are sent directly from the site to google analytics.

Third-party tracking cookies

This kind of cookie collects information on how the users utilize the site, the keywords used to arrive to the site, visited websites, and where the views come from  for marketing purposes. The data is then utilized to improve the site and produce reports. These cookies collect anonymous data and are sent directly from the site or from third-party domains.

Third parties functions integration cookies

This kind of cookies integrates different functions of third parties with the site (ex. comments modules, social media icons which allow users to share the site contents). These cookies are sent from partners domains that offer the site different functionalities.

The Data Controller is not required to have the user consens for technical cookies since they are necessary to receive the service.

For other categories of cookies the user consents is given in accordance to the regulations in place through specific browser, devices, or computer programs settings, which have to be clear and user-friendly. The Data Controller reminds the user that is possible to change the cookies preferences at all times. It is also possible to desable the browser cookies at any given moment; however, the operation may prevent the user from using some areas of the site.

Third parties sites

The site contains links to other sites with their own privacy policy, which may differ from the one used by the Data Controller, who is not responsible for third parties sites.

In accordance to Art. 122 second paragraph D.lgs. 196/2003the user consents to this category of cookies  by the browser settings utilized to navigate the site. The user can  notify the Data Controller at all times for any cookie accepted by the browser itself.

Agreeing with this policy

By accepting this cookie policy, you agree to the use of cookies in accordance with what has been hereby described. We gently invite you to change your browser settings accordingly or to avoid to visit if you decide not to agree with it. We also remind you that by disabling some cookies your browsing experience on the internet may be affected.

How to change my cookies settings?

Most of the Internet browsers accept cookies by default; however, it is possible to change the settings to prevent it. You can also refuse the use of cookies; however, this will reduce the opportunity to receive information and services, some sites functions and services may not be available. You can find hereby a list of links to cookies setting guides for the main browsers.

Privacy Policy is updated to August 13th, 2018