Goldsmith art, tradition, Hi-tech at your service

Aurum offers its expertise, high experience and mastery to produce jewels and semifinished products with a customized processing.
Each project is carried out internally according to your indications or in direct collaboration with your designers.


Aurum is available for developing prototypes starting from the drawings provided by the customer, for the production of components or semi-finished products.

AURUM Prototipazione
AURUM lavorazioni CNC

CNC Turning

In Aurum the ancient goldsmith tradition coexists with high technology and qualified personnel. The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining
allows precision and micromechanical details that would otherwise be impossible. 

CNC Milling

The CNC milling cutter is the essential tool for creating highly personalized and customized jewelry.
Machining and engraving both inside and outside the rings, together with the precision that only the high technology can add to the craftsman’s work, give the opportunity to produce and create infinite solutions. All processes are characterized by the extreme versatility and the speed of the technology.

AURUM lavorazioni CNC

Aurum Srl è membro del Responsible Jewellery Council – RJC.

The title is additionally certified (art. 19 D.Lgs. 251/1999), in order to guarantee the conformity of the products (logos and legal titles) according to the laws in place.