The attraction and the taste for this kind of motif taken from the animal world, is now part of the history of costume, becoming, even in its particularity, almost a classic that lends itself to elaborations and reinterpretations of various kinds and, punctually, is re-proposed on the catwalks of fashion shows, even those of haute couture.

The interpretation of the animalier in a fashion key reached its peak in the eighties, a period characterized by eccentricity and transgression in which the must was “DO NOT go unnoticed”.

The animalier 18-19 trend, on the other hand, is discreet, refined, and offers prints in various graphic declinations, both on natural colors and on bright, almost fluorescent colors. The rigorous and sober lines give each accessory or garment an unexpected elegance.

With this idea of ​​style, Aurum proposes Kiri, the collection of rings made of 750 gold or silver. A line that pleases for the fluidity of the design, simple and essential in the shapes, with the workings imprinted in various types of patterns: snake, giraffe, leopard, zebra, turtle, crocodile. An accessory that lends itself to any type of combination and that, like a classic, will always be in trend.

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