Pyramidal tennis bracelet black diamonds 0.01

18K White gold
Black diamonds ct 0.01 each one

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Tennis bracelets in a pyramidal version are produced in different colors and title of gold, the castles are made by CNC machines in a pyramidal way, so that allows the setting of smaller stones (ct 0.005, 0.008, 0.01, 0.018, 0.025, 0.03, 0.04) with a very good results in terms of brightness and charm.
Pyramidal bracelets are available in different lengths.: cm 17, cm 18, cm 19, cm 20 and cm 21.

Thanks to the production of castles by CNC machines the quality and the resistance is very high. Castles are produced by machines and assembled by hand by master goldsmiths.
Every single castle is put together with the others with care and attention, to create the famous bracelet that represents a timeless jewel.


White Gold