SILVER RING ARGENTO 960 Hand hammering or polish finish

Ring width 4.0 mm
Hand hammering effect (WEAG9602-40BZ)
or polish finish (WEAG9602-40BA)
Internal engraving on request

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Argento 960 rings collection is made of a new precious material, a silver alloy that contains a percentage of PLATINUM, Aurum patent nr 102019000000773. Visibly shiny and bright,  Argento 960 does not need rhodium plating or antioxidant treatments,  its color and shininess are completely natural.

If the silver jewel is unused for a long period, the natural oxidation in contact with the air could form a slight patina opacifying it. The silver will return to the original beauty, simply removing the opacity with a soft cloth.


Argento 960